Ginger Beef Choice
A Subsidiary of Ginger Beef Corporation, A Public Company
A Subsidiary of Ginger Beef Corporation, A Public Company




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Ginger Beef Choice is a federally approved food manufacturer specializing in Chinese food products. With over 50 different menu items in its line-up, Ginger Beef Choice offers different retail or food service formats to fit your needs. Ginger Beef Choice markets and distributes its family of products through a growing network of national supermarket chains, grocery stores, food membership warehouses, convenience stores, food distributors and brokers.

With today's busy lifestyle, home meal replacement (HMR) has become one of the hottest growing sectors in the retail food industry. Consumers want fast, convenient, tasty, and cost effective food.

Ginger Beef Choice offers:

  • Superior quality, taste, and diverse selection

  • Colourful, attractive packaging

  • Quality ready to eat meals that are microwave ready

  • 14 to 17 day shelf life (heat sealed trays are gas flushed with CO2N2)

  • Secure packaging that eliminates leakage

  • HACCP compliant



i) Frozen Boxed Entrees
These frozen box entrees make life easy for consumers. Just bake these pre-cooked delicious meals. It's ready to serve in 10 - 15 minutes.

ii) Frozen Raw Products
These frozen bag products consists of Ginger Beef Choice's family of dumpling and potsticker products. The choice is up to consumers on how they want to prepare them. Boil, steam, fry, grill, or deep-fry, it's up to them.

Food service covers many institutions such as restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, cafeterias, catered events where bulk precooked or raw food items are required. These menu items can range from simple appetizers to main entrees. No matter what your food service requirements are, Ginger Beef Choice's superior quality is always assured.

i) Bulk Raw Appetizers
These popular items range from dumplings/ potstickers, spring rolls, and egg rolls. Suitable for any food service menu.

ii) Bulk Ready to Heat Food Service
This colourful product lineup makes preparation easy. Served cold or hot. This program fits many different applications. From supermarkets’ bulk cold deli counters, hot food tables, to restaurants’ and food court kiosks’ easy to prepare Chinese or fusion food menu. The products are easy to prepare by using your in-house Combi-oven or deep fryer. These bulk products fit perfectly onto stainless steel flat trays. Just follow our proven cooking program and you will be ready to serve within 10 minutes.

iii) Custom Meat Cutting
Custom pre-cut meat items to free up labour and improve cost efficiencies.

Benefits of using food service items

  • Eliminates labour-intensive food preparation

  • Eliminates expensive equipment costs of making products

  • Minimizes cooking times

  • Easy to cook

  • Ability to offer more selection

  • Minimizes staff training


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