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A Subsidiary of Ginger Beef Corporation, A Public Company
A Subsidiary of Ginger Beef Corporation, A Public Company




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Federally Inspected


As a federally inspected facility governed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A), you can be assured our products meet the highest food safety standards.   In addition, our processing facility follows the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems which are the highest internationally recognized food safety standards.  Under these systems, process controls are implemented throughout production.  Everything from ingredients, cooking and food handling procedures, labels, equipment, sanitation, lab analysis, allergens and more are federally inspected.  On-site C.F.I.A inspectors ensure that these food safety standards are followed and met.  All federally inspected meat products have the registered establishment number for which it was produced in.











These products can be shipped across Canada while meat products without the Canada seal are not allowed to be shipped beyond the provincial boundaries from which it was produced in.  If shipped illegally, these provincial products will be seized and destroyed.  The producer and retailer would be fined.


Asian Food Expertise


With over 25 years experience in the restaurant industry specializing in Chinese, Peking, and Dim Sum style foods, Ginger Beef Choice and its other affiliates know Chinese food.  With the flexibility to offer various formats such as pre-packaged ready-to-eat HMR entrees, ready-to-heat bulk products, frozen boxed meats, or frozen bagged appetizers, we cover all of your Chinese food program requirements. 


State-of-the-Art Equipment

In the competitive HMR arena, extended refrigerated product shelf life is key in reducing your salvage and costs.  With Ginger Beef Choice's gas flushed pre-packaged ready-to-eat entrees, we can offer you shelf life up to 21 days after slacking out from frozen.  Thereby, allowing you to have better inventory control and reducing your costs.

Production Capacity


With our 20,000 sq. ft facility, we are set up to handle large production orders with short turnaround times.  We can offer over 50 sku's to suit your particular application.  Our products are shipped across Canada to most major supermarket chains, convenience stores, and food service distributors for the restaurant industry.  We ship truckloads.