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A Subsidiary of Ginger Beef Corporation, A Public Company




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Home Meal Replacement (HMR) - The Real Deal

  • Food industry studies show that “takeout” food (HMR) represents nearly 50% of current restaurant volume. With today’s busy lifestyle, the trend is growing.

  • Consumers want fast, convenient, tasty, and cost effective food.

  • Restaurant Business magazine reports that 94% of supermarkets now offer ready-to-heat entrees while 34% offer side dishes, and 17% offer cooked-to-order meals.

  • A Food Marketing Institute study shows that nearly 60% of consumers would buy a supermarket dinner if a good selection of prepared entrees and side dishes were available.

  • Consumer attitudes: no time, save time, spend time.

  • Increasing popularity of Asian cuisines which are perceived as healthy.

  • In Canada, HMR sales by all retail grocers are expected to grow to about $2 billion by 2005. (Gain Report, CA2002, 01/2002)

  • Smaller households are asking for smaller packages. (AC Nielsen Consumer Insight, Summer 2002)

  • “Reality is that Canadians often eat alone and on the run. Across all age groups, about 56 per cent of the population consists of one or two-person households. And consumers are buying single serve foods in ever increasing numbers.” (Canadian Grocer, 04/25/2001)