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A Subsidiary of Ginger Beef Corporation, A Public Company
A Subsidiary of Ginger Beef Corporation, A Public Company




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The Perfect Choice For Your Chinese Food HMR Program

At Ginger Beef Choice, quality Chinese food Home Meal Replacement (HMR) products are the cornerstone of our success.  We are your only solution for all your central retail buying needs.

Restaurant Quality and Taste
With over 25 years in the restaurant business and food manufacturing since 1997, Ginger Beef Choice knows Chinese food.  Our award winning affiliated Chinese restaurant chain, Ginger Beef Peking House and Ginger Beef Express units, is testimony to our quality.  However, we understand that restaurant cooking is not the same as mass retail food manufacturing.  There are many other variables involved. i.e. shelf life, distribution, freezing, etc.  The food preparation processes are very different, but our manufacturing expertise allows us to give our customers restaurant quality products.  That being said, our superior quality and taste is second to none in the marketplace.

With over 50 products in our menu line-up, we offer a wide selection of items for you to choose from.  We offer various sizes (small, medium, and large) suitable for any customer base as well as having the ability to customize new menu items upon request.  Other Asian-style cuisines such as Japanese, Thai and Dim Sum are also available for you to build a complete ethnic food program.

Healthy Margins and Sales Volume
With generous portions positioned at the right retail price points, our products are guaranteed to generate more revenues for your stores.  We offer solutions that deliver excellent value, convenience, and repeat business.  We will work with you to develop a successful product launch.  Our growing list of resellers have all benefited from our program.

Extended Shelf Life
With state of the art packaging and equipment (all pre-packaged products are gas flushed and heat sealed), Ginger Beef Choice offers a 14 - 21 day shelf life solution that no other Chinese food manufacturer currently offers.  By shipping our products frozen and then slacking out at store level, you achieve better inventory and salvage control.  The cost savings to your bottom line are enormous: less expired products and throw out, lower labour costs to stock coolers, lower administration and distributions costs.

Central Buying and Distribution
Compared to small provincial food facilities that cannot ship their meat products beyond their provincial boundaries, Ginger Beef Choice can ship their federally inspected products across Canada.  Our federally inspected products give you the flexibility to streamline your operations nationally.  You no longer have to deal with multiple local vendors for the same type of product across all your regions.  You can now have product uniformity across all regions and store locations.  Thus, increasing customer satisfaction.  We are set up to handle large production volumes.

Increased Buying Power
The cost savings are enormous when you pool your purchasing, warehousing, and distribution nationally.  You only need to deal with one vendor.

Highest Food Safety Standards (Federally Inspected)
Today's consumers rank food safety as one of their highest concerns when purchasing food products.  By processing in a federally inspected production facility, food safety is a way of life for us.  We are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) who assigns a food inspector to monitor our daily operations.  We also follow the highest international food safety standard, HACCP system.  All of our products and procedures ranging from ingredients, equipment, packaging, materials; and cooking, handling and cleaning procedures must comply with these stringent food safety standards.

Piece of Mind and Consistent Product Quality
Compared to provincial production facilities which are not tightly regulated in regards to food safety, Ginger Beef Choice ensures that their product quality is consistent from batch to batch and free from any foreign objects and contaminants that may be overlooked at a provincial plant.  We take food safety seriously as all finished Ginger Beef products are put through metal detectors.  Production samples are also analyzed for possible contaminants on a regular basis at accredited laboratories too.  Ginger Beef Choice is your insurance for food safety and quality.